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Tuesday: Todays Department of health COVID-19 statistics are not just worrying, they are terrifying. Whether Boris Johnson and his government want to admit it or not, the statistics show they have lost control of the situation.

New cases

A record-setting 7,143 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed by the Department of Health. This is the highest amount of daily cases since the pandemic first started; a phrase we should probably get accustomed too.

Todays record number brings the rolling 7-day total up to 42,878, with the daily average at a record 6125 cases per day.

We have seen a 45% day-to-day rise in cases in the last week. If cases continue to build at this level we could be seeing 10,000 cases per day by this time next week; Although, this would be a worst-case scenario and currently unlikely to happen, but still a possibility.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Since our last report on COVID-19 hospital statistics (less than a week ago), we have observed a consistent increase in the number of people admitted. In the last week, the number of patients in hospital with Coronvirus has jumped from 1,081 on the 22nd September to a worrying 2,049 as we write this article.

The number of people being admitted to hospital is very concerning in terms of capacity. At the peak of the first COVID-19 wave, which was 2 weeks after the first lockdown, a struggling NHS was caring for 3,564 patients with COVID-19.

The UK government seems to be sleepwalking into one of the biggest health crisis the UK has seen since the second world war. There has been an 89% increase in people in hospital with Coronavirus IN THE LAST 7 DAYS. If cases continue climbing at this rate the NHS could be forced well past its breaking point.

The state of patients in ventilator beds is in an equally bad position. There are currently 297 patients in ventilator beds, and with so many new patients being admitted daily this number is likely to climb, fast. The last 7 days have seen a 40% increase in patients in ventilator beds.


Today’s COVID-19 death stats show the most amounts of deaths since the 1st of July. while deaths are still in the double figures; the more people with the virus can only mean that more people will die.

The closer to capacity hospitals get, the more likely it is that we will see large increases in deaths in the next few weeks.

what happens next?

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Todays statistics should exist as a sobering reminder that Coronavirus is still here, its still very real, and there is a big chance we have not seen the worst of it yet.

What is most concerning about todays statistics is that there is nothing to stop the virus spreading. Governments rule of six, and their local lockdowns, have clearly failed. Local restrictions were meant to SLOW the virus down; Yet with more than 40% of the united kingdom under a form of lockdown, the virus is speeding out of control.

Governments continued incompetence has brought the UK back to the edge of a COVID-19 abyss and the only thing that can save us is Boris Johnson being honest with us; and a second national lockdown.

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