Voice Britannia was recently contacted by scholar and mother Claire Lyons, who is campaigning to protect NHS funding. Claire’s campaign wants to see ministers commit to a minimum yearly funding amount which would be protected by the new legislation. To achieve this, Claire has started a government petition; once the petition reaches 10,000 the issue will be debated by government.

Please, read Claire’s story then sign her petition, as protecting the future of the NHS and the healthcare of thousands is now everyone’s duty.

Our NHS is a lifeline; a first and last line of defence. It provides medical care for all, regardless of income or station. Should something happen we can, without fear of financial impact, be treated. Old and young alike have raised millions to support this life-saving service. For 75 years our NHS has served the nation as a mass employer and social equaliser. To receive healthcare without fear of cost is invaluable.  The NHS founding principles allow this to happen and need to be protected.


Click here to sign the petition – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300925

There are calls for the complete re-nationalisation of the NHS, so money is targeted at care, not shareholders.

I agree completely. Our NHS is cost-effective in comparison with other systems and, regardless of medical history, will provide more services than most insurance companies.

The battle for re-nationalisation will be a long and hard one. It will not happen in this government’s term, with emergency powers and an 80-seat majority, they are free to go as far they wish. In my honest opinion, this is the perfect storm to bring in private managers and sweeping reforms that will limit access and services.

Those who are deemed costly will suffer first; the disabled, the elderly and those with long term illnesses.

Warnings of changes in how our NHS operates and is accessed are increasing. The UN has called out our government for its treatment of disabled and poorer people, with thousands of deaths linked to austerity and DWP assessments.

The Tories continue to line up the scapegoats for a struggling NHS, most recently the overweight. They have spent 7 million pounds to identify high risk and high-cost patients. The pandemic has left a ticking time bomb of bad PR for the NHS; people diagnosed too late and long waiting lists. The recent restructuring/abolishment of PHE by the Tories is an example of this; accusing it of failing.

The National frontpage November 17th 2017


After the GE19 results were announced my heart sank. To ensure a good quality of life my daughter requires medication and frequent medical support. With these things, she can have a productive and long life. Maybe she will be the next Nobel prize winner or prime minister. Her own desires as an 8-year-old are modest; when she is grown she wants two babies and to work for the RSPCA, but for now, she wants a swing.

Jeremy Corbyn on the phone - GE2019 - voicebritannia.co.uk

I hear a lot about renationalisation, but how would it affect those currently served by the NHS? All of us; From diabetics or asthmatics to those struggling with their mental health, migraines, bad backs, to the severely ill, or disabled. The founding principle that no one is more deserving than another and, that the cost of illness is shared by everyone, protects us all. That is what makes the NHS so special and an equaliser, without it the talk of renationalisation is hollow.

In the time it takes to set the NHS right and renationalise will my daughter get one too many infections?

Will my friend’s son who needs brain surgery lose his access as he is high risk? Will overweight diabetics need to pay extra until they have lost weight? How many will become a statistic for us to quietly rage over?

Many people rely on the NHS for quality of life; those who want to see their children grow up, the children who want to grow up, the near 4 million people already in poverty (many who are already working) including the nurses using food banks.

These people would be the first victims impacted by additional costs and restricted services. Scope is already highlighting the fact that disabled people have been left behind during this pandemic.

This could easily become the new normal. If you’re feeling safe now, remember your circumstances can change at any moment and even the middle classes in America are squeezed by healthcare costs.

Help protect the foundations that underpin the NHS so that everyone can be protected, and all treated equally, so no one is left fearing ill health. So that when we have a willing government there will still be an NHS to renationalise. Please sign the petition.


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story and this petition so we can hit the magical 10,000 signatures and force the Westminster government to talk about this issue, and who knows, we might change something together!!

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