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Earlier this week, Twitter activist RedSarah99 broke the internet with her truth-laden viral takedown of Boris Johnson and his Governments response to Coronavirus (2 million views in 1 day!). Today, Sarah has come to give Voice Britannia to drop more Truth-Bombs!

Boris Johnson’s latest comments regarding care homes are his latest show of arrogance and contempt for working people; Thousands have already died because of his inability to do his job.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The wage of many care and key workers in England is just £8.72 an hour, the government has renamed this a ‘living wage’, though that’s just more smoke and mirrors because no one can actually live on it. I challenge any Conservative MP to live off such a small amount. 

Since 2010 the Conservatives have cut one-third of the care budget – while giving tax cuts of £4 billion a year to top-rate taxpayers –  and £5 billion of tax cuts to large company shareholders. Is this fair? 

One in six care homes in the U.K. were at risk of failure in 2017, and now, during a pandemic, where care homes have just seen the tenth week of Covid-19 deaths fall, when we should be *celebrating* the people who actually keep our society going, under the most trying circumstances, when the government cannot even provide the most basic of PPE. The arrogant criminal we call a Prime Minister has the sheer gall to start laying blame at the door of the carers and the homes. 

The Conservative government sent elderly Covid-19 positive patients into care homes, many untested, to die, all to stop the NHS becoming overwhelmed. The ghoul Johnson threw our elderly under a bus.

The care sector was given roughly 100 pieces of COVID ‘guidance’ by the government, none of it designed for care homes. The advice given was ‘slow and conflicting’ by a government that changes the guidance daily. Boris Johnson is to blame. 

30,000 excess care home deaths.

Care homes were told they wouldn’t receive funding if they didn’t take COVID patients, and now Boris ‘I shook hands with COVID patients’ Johnson, who is paid obscenely well for the job he has spectacularly failed at, is going to blame people who are underpaid, have to work in danger and were already at breaking point *before* the Coronavirus crisis, after ten years of the austerity lie?

Any bets on the next time this disgrace to our country will blame everyone but himself for England’s shambolic response to COVID-19? 

Can anyone – no matter what your political allegiance – tell me honestly that they think this ridiculous over-privileged embarrassment of a man is competent in any way, shape or form?

155 people died yesterday. At least 60,000 are already dead, and his response is to try and lay blame at every door but his own. 


That should tell you if you, didn’t already know, exactly who and what Boris Johnson is.

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